Robyn Aber Photography
Eclectic Visual Explorer & Fine Art Photographer
I am a visual storyteller. I use a digital camera and Photoshop as my art tools of choice. My work is based on intriguing things I see and how I react to them. A beautiful design (manmade or natural), great light or a quirky, humorous moment can all catch my eye and inspire me to create digital art.
The images I create are mostly darker-toned full color or light and dark shades of a single color (monochrome). More often than not my primary focus is on objects or concepts rather than people. I thrive on the challenge of bringing out the personality of inanimate objects!

I may be nosey (I prefer to think of myself as "curious"...), but I often find my camera provides access to see things others don't. To capture the essence of those things I draw on skills from my past - as writer, technology marketer and theatre director/actor - all mashed together. That's why my passion is digital photography, it brings together exploration, observation and technology as a single expressive medium for creating fine art.

My photographs have won awards at local, national and international levels, been exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Art and Los Altos History Museum, published online by photography magazines and selected for inclusion in annual Photographer's Forum Best Photographs of the Year books during the past 7 years.